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This position being developed for an experienced, trained site working foreman, lead electrical installers due to present and upcoming, pending negotiated projects. It is understood this position is not a work contract and your employment is at will.

In this position you will need to exhibit consistent and effective project leadership and customer relationship skills, by consistently communicating with the office project management staff, field employees, sub-contractors and owner/customers.

You must have the ability to read and understand specific, detailed and complicated blueprints, diagrams, schematics, submittals, and software/systems programming. You must be willing and capable to work with the field crew to install projects of various size and complexity, through layout of job duties and scheduling of ones-self and field project crew.

Required to routinely lift and carry equipment and tools, which may weigh over forty (40) pounds. Working environment will involve climbing ladders and scaffoldings with tools and equipment, upwards to forty (40) feet.

Must understand and adhere to all OHSA, KOHSA and owner site specific safety rules and company site specific safety rules. As a leader of projects you must enforce safety to others working on site i.e. employees and subcontractors.

You must be willing to adhere to a completely drug free work environment, requiring that you, among other things, take a pre-employment drug test and submit to site random drug testing. Must take a DOT (other potentially other) physical and complete successfully, maintain and have a safe and approved driving record.

It is understood that by submitting an employment application you, as a condition of employment, will be required to travel to projects within the Fifty U.S. (50) states of America and your continued employment will be based upon this fact. It is further understood that the projects are six (6) to twelve (12) months in duration. On the average, we return to your home or the office every 3-4 week cycle.

Must be able to pass a federal background check for access to project sites and maintain a secure background check throughout employment.

Must have at all times the ability to enter and work on Federal Government sites and have not been debarred from a federal site for work or doing business (or any comparable program).

Employees will be compensated based upon Prevailing Wages and Benefit package (as a company we provide Health insurance, vacation, holidays, retirement, and education packages).

Please respond to www. for application process.

Application Date: 2/24/2024

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